Daily Thoughts #3

Storyless Content

One of the best ways to grow as a creative is to create; create lots and create often. In my experience the more we do something, the better we become. It’s no different with photography but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to share everything we create.

The online world is so incredibly saturated with content and unless something I have created has meaning or story, there is very little incentive to post it.

“What am I trying to say here?”
“What story am I trying to convey?” 
“How will this make people feel?”
“Will this bring light to an often dark space?”

These are just some of the questions I will ask myself before posting a photo or video. If what we are creating doesn’t have an end goal or purpose then why are we creating it in the first place? This idea has led to me develop concepts and goals before I shoot. I will have a word or idea written down that I want to convey and then go into a photoshoot with that in mind (such as my ‘breakthrough’ series). 

The problem arises when this selective form of creating now clashes with my ‘daily thought #1’, to be consistent. For online creators, I think our biggest challenge is to find a balance between meaningful content and consistency.

A nice picture that evokes no emotion is just a nice picture but a real authentic story will shine so bright it won’t matter how it’s been captured or who captured it.