Daily Thoughts #1

“Write bad until you write good.”

I was listening to ‘The Tim Ferris Show’ podcast this morning featuring Seth Godin, an American author. While chatting about managing life from email inboxes to productivity, Seth advised that writing publicly, everyday, leads to creative growth. Therefore for the next week, I will be writing my daily thoughts, inspired by the principles of discipline and productivity. 

Consistency. Consistency is somewhat of an idealistic fantasy for the majority of freelancers. It’s difficult to maintain consistency with your training, work routine or reading plans when your day-to-day routine rarely looks the same. That said, I’m learning that becoming consistent requires the decision to prioritise what’s important. For example, if I want to start training for my next marathon, I have to make my run/workout a priority each day. Wherever in the world I am, I will then attempt to get an early workout in while aiming to be finished and ready to start work by 9am. If I am working early, I’ll have to make time later in the day, consciously deciding to take time to run over doing something else.

Consistency requires you to prioritise what’s important. 

Consistency goes further than just work and training though. I started thinking about the broader sense of what it is to be consistent and realised, consistency is required for growth in all aspects of life. Whether building into someone’s future, growing a brand/business or investing in a community. Real change happens over time, it’s rarely instant. 

So my challenge today is to become more consistent in everything I do.