Daily Thoughts #7

Make It Matter

Here it is: day seven! I started writing these daily thoughts to hopefully improve my writing while discovering a way to balance consistency with creativity. When writing a blog post I can often sit for hours staring at a blank page and distracting myself with chores before eventually the first word hits the page. Other times, it’s as natural as brushing my teeth and within half an hour, 800 words have leaked through my fingertips. 

So what did I learn? I learnt that it’s really easy to make an excuse not to do something. I learnt that my productivity peaks between the hours of 10am-12am. Mostly, I learnt to make it matter.

When you are sharing one thought for the entire day, you become far more conscious about what you’re writing, “This is the only thought I am going to share today; it has to ‘mean’ something to someone.” 

This process has made me realise that whatever work I do, I want it to mean something. It’s no longer enough to take a beautiful photo that has no story. I don’t want to create a ‘daily vlog’ that robs the viewer of 10 precious minutes of their day. This challenge has made me even more conscious to share what matters and not just do what works.