Copenhagen: First Impressions

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tr3a2765 tr3a2839 tr3a2873 tr3a2460Copenhagen has been a breath of fresh air (literally: the air is pretty chilly up there). This short trip away was exactly what I needed to become even more excited to get creating. It’s great to visit a city which has such a relaxed, comforting and positive vibe. There is nothing overwhelming about Copenhagen, nothing expansive (although sure, everything is expensive) and I felt so far from the city skylines and high-rise buildings that I had left back in London. The Danish capital is riddled with beauty, from curved walls and cobblestones to colourful houses lining lakes upon lakes.

Now for the important part: Around every corner lies a café; some good, some great. Copenhagen is beautifully old and historic combined with pockets of hipster filled cafés, vegan restaurants and some of the most amazing bakeries I have been to. Everything feels very accessible, even the airport is close-by, just a 20 minute journey on the metro right into heart of the city. However as you approach the city centre, you soon realise there is only one way to get around and that is by bike. I get the impression Copenhagen hasn’t followed the times blindly and demolished it’s culture with modernisation (albeit with the exception of Starbucks cafés appearing every here and there). Yet, Copenhagen hasn’t been left behind either; There is a really refreshed blend of new and old. Just head down to the old industrial halls in the harbour and see for yourself. Paper Island, as it is called, now flowing with visitors to experience the exquisite Copenhagen Street Food, flourishing inside the once abandoned halls.

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During my time in Copenhagen I was fortunate enough to stay at Hotel Kong Arthur, sitting just off the lakes. When I am visiting a city for just a few days, I think it is even more important to stay somewhere central, within walking distance from the majority of key spots. The Arthur hotel was perfectly located and I was able to spend all my time outside, exploring the city without worrying about getting transport back. The hotel also happened to be beautiful designed, run by such kind and attentive people and I am very grateful for their generous hospitality.

The streets are filled with lines of cyclists, cycle lanes lie adjacent to pavements, fixies are far and wide. It’s no wonder then, that 50% of all citizens in Copenhagen commute by bike ( How crazy is that?  The fact is, there is such incredible infrastructure and safety features in place for cyclists and with the city just 88km2 you’d be crazy not to cycle.

It was fitting then, that on my last day in Copenhagen I hired a bike. These aren’t your average bikes though; they come fully equipped with a motor, a GPS and an online payment system. It really made me realise how advanced their bike scheme is compared to ours in London and how, if we were to invest in cycling, there could surely be far less congestion in our cities. I think we could learn a lot from Copenhagen.

If you are looking for a beautiful, intimate city with cosy underground cafés, delicious food and warm, generous people then I would look no further than Copenhagen. Thank you for having me, I will be returning very soon…!

In the coming days I will be posting more about my time in Copenhagen, from my favourite coffee shops to a list of ‘must see’ destinations.

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Go Well.

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