July Favourites

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Hey Guys!

I thought for a change, I’d share some of my favourites for the month with you; A slightly different blog to usual but I have a few heavy ones on the way so thought I’d keep it light for the start of the month! This is an extended version of my ‘No Ordinary Favourites Video’ which you can watch here: NEW VLOG


Favourite Album:

Love & Hate by Michael Kiwanuka

This is such an awesome new album and ‘Cold Little Heart’ is by far my favourite track. Such a soulful sound; If you are into Jack Garratt, Mumford and Sons, Maverick Sabre and similar styles of music, then you’ll love this.


New Coffee Spot:

Farm Girl, Notting Hill


Nestled down an alley in Notting Hill, you’d be forgiven for walking past dozens of times without noticing Farm Girl even existed. Once you’ve found this Aussie-run café, you won’t be able to resist going back. Their coffee is very tasty and although it’s all pretty pricey, their lunch menu is really nice, fresh and healthy. It’s a ‘smoothie and avocado’ kind of vibe – if you know what I mean!


Favourite Trainers:

Salomon Speedcross 3


I hadn’t had many opportunities to test these trail shoes out until I visited Girona a few weeks ago. I honestly haven’t been more impressed with a pair of trainers. They feel so supportive and structured while you are running on the trails and yet, Salomon managed to keep them pretty lightweight too. I have quite a neutral running style and I feel so light and ‘springy’ in these. I’ve noticed they have released a Speedcross 4 now so I’m pretty keen to try those too!


Favourite Instagram Accounts

@helloemilie and @benjaminhardman

insta2 insta1

These two Instagram accounts are a sure-fire way to drag me out of bed in the morning and get exploring in the outdoors. Both photographers post such beautiful, crisp and clean images that will boil up some summer wanderlust! I am instantly inspired by these accounts.


New Find (July-August):

Magnum Pop Up Store, near Bond Street

This place is dangerous! I’m not entirely sure how long it’s around for, but I think it’ll be gone by the end of the month so it’s worth queuing up and checking it out now. If you are into Magnums (and lets face it, who isn’t?) then you are in for a treat! You can choose between vanilla or caramel ice cream before choosing a coating and a bunch of different toppings.


Favourite Initiative:

Joshua Coombes, Hairdresser

I read about Joshua in a newspaper a couple of weeks ago. A hairdresser from London, he spends his free time cutting people’s hair on the streets who are homeless and without enough money to afford a haircut. It sounds so simple but someone like Joshua is such a great reminder that whatever we do, we can use our passion in a meaningful, selfless and positive way.

Check out Joshua’s Instagram here: @joshuacoombes


Favourite Quote:

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later. – Sir Richard Branson

This quote has been particularly relevant for me this month. I think it’s often very easy to shy away and turn down opportunities because of that little bit of self doubt in the back of our minds telling us we aren’t ready or we aren’t good enough. This quote knocks that mindset out of the water and is a great way of turning that around and saying, “Okay, if we aren’t good enough yet, say ‘yes’ anyway and find a way to become good enough.”


New Language:

Learning Basic Xhosa

I’ve decided to set aside some time each day to learn a bit of Xhosa. I think we are so lucky to speak English that we take for granted how so many other nations have to learn a second language. It would be amazing to be able to have some basic understanding of Xhosa before I return to Cape Town in a few months time. I’ve been using a website called which sends through a video recorded lesson each day, along with heaps of learning resources. Greeting someone in their primary language is just such a great sign of respect and a skill I’d love to have.

Favourite Cookbook:

Thrive by Brendon Brazier

I’ve found Thrive incredibly helpful, particularly when looking at how I can eat for performance benefits when training. What’s more, the recipes are actually tasty! At first I tried a few of the recipes, liked them but I never thought I could actually base my entire eating plan around them until recently. The recipes are pretty easy to follow, not a huge amount of hassle to cook and the big one for me, actually leave you feeling full!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these quick-fire favourites for this month. I’m really keen to start doing a weekly ‘new week, new spot’ vlog and maybe an accompanying blog post too so keep an eye out for those…!

Have a great week.

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