La Marzocco Café, Seattle

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La Marzocco –  one of the world’s highest ranked coffee machines. Founded in Florence, Italy.
Seattle – known as the world’s center for coffee roasting and one of America’s top ‘coffee cities’.

It’s no wonder then, that when the world’s finest equipment is placed in the ‘city of coffee’, very good things are produced.


I was fortunate enough to visit La Marzocco Café just a couple of days after the showroom and coffee shop opened on 26th April 2016.  To be honest, I had incredibly high expectations given how prestigious La Marzocco is but I was well and truly blown away. Every two to four weeks, the store receives a new resident roaster. I was very pleased to see that during my stay they were using Stumptown Coffee, which I had visited during my stay in Portland. Stumptown are actually huge in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find their coffee in a number of different cafés and it’s actually super tasty. I really love the idea of having a guest roaster every month or so. It’s an idea which is usually too expensive for a coffee shop to sustain over time but it seems to work really well here.


The interior is as impressive as the coffee. The café is vast, with full open doors leading to a large patio space, as well as the 1,000 square foot café and seating area. There’s an abundance of large sofas, armchairs and most importantly, sockets. There’s such a great creative atmosphere in this space. Meetings are going on, people are working and yet everyone enjoys walking up to the bar to chat with the brilliant and very knowledgable baristas. There’s nothing better than being served by someone who a) understands coffee and how to make a great one and b) loves coffee as much as you do. I didn’t get to try the bakery items but they also looked pretty impressive!
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If you are ever in Seattle then I’d highly recommend heading over and checking out La Marzocco. I can imagine this place is going to get incredibly busy when people start to hear more and more about it. If you haven’t got plans to visit Seattle, I’d think about making some!


Opening Times: Mon – Sat: 7am – 8pm, Sun: unknown

Location: 472 1st Ave. N, Seattle

Keep a look out for my Coffee Vlog coming in the next few weeks on my Youtube Channel: DanCarterNow