2017 is well and truly underway! It’s only now that I look back at how much I ran in 2016 and think, “Flip! I really did it!”. The months and months of training for Comrades taught me so much about just how capable we are when we are determined to succeed. I suppose that’s why, as I enter the new year, I am wondering what fitness goals I should set…

For now, I’m happily running around Cape Town! When you are in a beautiful country like South Africa, exploring by foot (*also known as running), it is far more appealing to get outside and exercise than it is in the deep dark winter which I left behind in London. Below, I’ve listed some of my favourite routes in and around the city, with my ‘Strava’ map attached to each.

My favourite running routes in Cape Town:

Sea Point Promenade

Best for: Flat, fast tempo runs
Length: 15km (anywhere from 5km up!)
Difficulty: Medium
Elevation: 295ft

The Sea Point Promenade stretches from Granger Bay and runs all the way to Bantry Bay. Your run doesn’t have to end there though; the coastal pavement stretches all the way to Chapmans Peak, over 30km (one way). Below was a really nice run that took me from Green Point to Camps Bay and back, around 15km. The Promenade is always full of keen runners, be it morning or night. You can use some grass on the Sea Point stretch but be prepared, the majority of this run is on the pavement/road and can be rather brutal on the shins.


Pipe Track

Best for: Trail running without the risk of getting lost!
Length: 10.5km
Difficulty: Hard
Elevation: 1,211 ft

The Pipe Track is such a beautiful route that takes you from the top of Kloof Nek all the way above Camps Bay and into Bakoven. The scenery is stunning and the trails are popular amongst dog walkers and hikers, with easy access to Table Mountain. You can hop down to the dirt tracks and run a rough ‘figure of eight’ which is what I did below. It’s such a great way to get in some hills and trails without having to worry too much about very uneven terrain.

Lions head and Signal Hill

Best for: Light trail runs
Length: 8.4km
Difficulty: Medium
Elevation: 950ft

Parking at the Signal Hill car park, this path takes you all the way around the perimeter of Lion’s Head.  While the views as you hug Lion’s Head aren’t as beautiful as that of the ‘Pipe Track’, the trails are slightly smoother and easier to navigate. This is one of the more quieter trails I’ve done, so it’s often nice to do it with a few people but it’s a great trail run when working on speed.

Cape Loop

Best for: Tough, long run.
Length: 15.7km
Difficulty: The hills burn!
Elevation: 935ft

While this run is all on pavement/road, it’s actually my favourite one of all. I love this loop! The hill from Bakoven is an absolute killer and you have a long decent the other side from the Table Mountain turn off all the way to the bottom of town. It’s a good loop to really push yourself and gain some speed without having to worry about rolling an ankle on uneven terrain like I do on the trails. The views also happen to be crazy!

There are hundreds of different running routes in and around the city but these tend to be the ones I always go back to but for now, it’s back to the streets of London!

You can follow me on Strava here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/5249857
Photos by: Mauritz Crous