Photo Gallery of Amalfi

posted by Dan Carter July 6, 2017 0 comments

Below you will find a collection of images from our time spent exploring the Amalfi Coast last week. A charming stretch of chaotic coastline where the winding roads make you wheezy as they lead over mountain tops and fall down to crystal clear waters as blue as the sky, rarely a cloud in sight. As the roads narrow you’d expect to see single lanes but that wasn’t that case. Pray, breathe in and finally: scream! That was our routine anyway.

Layers upon layers of homes on a hill, Positano is a cluster of old Italian beauty, pastel in colour, reflecting in the pristine ocean that glimmers in the light. Nestled amongst the cobbled streets climbing from the beach to the mountain peak, you’ll discover chic boutiques in addition to the region’s best pizza and gelato.

What Positano lacks in decent caffeine it makes up for in remarkable scenery. Contently, I sat and sipped an espresso while watching the ebb and flow of the tide; boats easing in and out of the shore. We later SUP-ed long into the afternoon before drifting back onto dry land.

The beauty of the Amalfi Coast isn’t found in the sun rays and sea breeze alone. While crowded in peak season, the history and authenticity of these coastal towns hasn’t been smouldered by the multitude of stylish and affluent tourists. Character, chaos and colour are to be found in abundance. I’ll be back soon.


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