Redemption Café

Redemption Café

Location: 6 Chepstow Rd, Notting Hill, London W2 5BH
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 12-11pm; Saturday: 10am – 11pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm
Cuisine: Vegetarian/Healthy Eating

I was shooting in London this week when I came across Redemption, a cool looking space just a few minutes walk from Notting Hill Gate. Not only did Andrea (the owner) give me the warmest of Kiwi welcomes, she and her staff told me in detail about every dish on their menu. I was a little blown over by how attentive and kind she was (this is London remember). Nothing was too much trouble and I was well looked after from the minute I arrived until the moment I left. 

Redemption is a vegan, sugar free restaurant which at a time, would have had me heading straight out the doors. Since I begun marathon training last year, I’ve become pretty open to this style of cuisine but I’ve never found it to be something worth shouting about… until now.

Redemption has a zero waste policy; all meals are prepared fresh and anything that is prepared and can’t be used is given away. How awesome is that?

I am so used to healthy food being rather boring and bland but Redemption surpassed all expectations. The food was super filling, tasty and I definitely recommend heading over to Notting Hill and giving it a try. Check these images below and see for yourself: