It was really great to spend some time relaxing in Provence with family and friends. The area is beautifully gifted with an undulating landscape, perfect blue skies and an abundance of woodland trails. It amazes me how unspoilt the area remains; you can go for miles without seeing a single building. Within minutes you can feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere. I could spend days running in the morning sun: through the villages and vineyards; rock climbing into the mountains.

Getting back into some good, all-round fitness led me to find an amazing route, which after an hour or so became more of a scrambling hike, well worth the view at the top. I also managed to persuade the local bakery (in my best french accent) to give me a few litres of water and a couple of doughnuts. I must have looked like I needed it. Now I’m back home for a month or so, I’m looking to getting back on the bike.

For me it’s super important to take time out from your normal routine to stop and relax. It’s too easy to get carried away with day to day life and loose a sense of where you are going and what is important to you.

I’m really excited planning all the new adventures I have for the next 12 months and I can’t wait to share them.

Here’s a few pictures from the past couple of weeks:

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