The Ultimate Journey

posted by Dan Carter September 6, 2016 1 Comment

So, I see it like this:

We strap ourselves in, twist the key and turn on the engine. All in our own cars; each one of us in the drivers’ seat. Our journey begins and along the way, people get in and people get out. A little company usually makes for a more enjoyable journey but too much could just weigh down the car.

From time to time, there’s a hell of a noise coming from the back. “Shhh!!” but they don’t: Too many backseat drivers trying to grab the wheel. At first you’ll say to yourself, “You know what? Sure. Drive for a bit. I’m tired, I need a break and it will be a nice rest if you take the wheel for a while.”

Before you know it, they’ve taken a detour and you’re driving on a totally different road. They’ve taken you on ‘their’ preferred route and it just so happens to be toll after toll.

“I knew this route was a mistake. From now on, I’m driving.”

Finally! Back in control of this ride. I choose the song and everyone cheers: music to my ears. A happy driver makes for happy passengers.

I should probably note that in fact these aren’t just passengers, they drive their own car (although that doesn’t mean we don’t often drive together). After all, it looks like a few of us are heading in a similar direction – hopefully not north. While we may not always be going the same way, when we do, it’s great!

Suddenly, a warning light appears on the dashboard of the car to my right. It’s only when it swerves over to the hard shoulder that it really dawns on me. Perhaps that’s why we are all driving. When one breaks down, we can tow them along until we find some place to fix the vehicle. Granted, some cars break down more than others. Heck! I should know. I think we have all had one or two, maybe even a few.

The thing is, when you are back on the road and cruising down the highway: hooting, waving; there’s no better feeling. Sure, there’ll be times when we get caught in traffic and yeah, even a few road closes. The thing you have to accept with traffic is that some people will wait around for you but most won’t: let them go, they’re the ones weighing down your car.

And look, there’s no guarantee we are going to all arrive safely. We are all going to get lost at some point too. Sometimes, we will get so lost down a dead end path that we can’t comprehend finding our way back. I just hope we reach the right destination eventually…

So long as we’ve got a killer sound track and an epic convey, then I reckon we stand a pretty good chance of arriving at our destination with a smile.

A great car journey tends to have every weather imaginable. Driving in rain sucks. You can’t see where you are going, you feel like you’re moving so slowly and yet, you can feel pretty cosy inside as you watch as the rain droplets splatter and fall against the window-pane. What most people forget is that we have to be prepared to drive through the storms: through the wind and the rain, to reach the bright sunshine on the other side.

It’s now that I begin to realise, I suppose, that the destination is not in fact what the journey is about. The journey is about the journey. We are all getting lost and breaking down but if we can pull through the storm then we can enjoy the ride; there’s so much to see and not just on the other side.

I know you may be wondering about that car that keeps breaking down, the one that’s been towed and towed again. Well, it’s worth remembering that car has had the longest time off the ground so you best believe it’s going to be the one that’s around the longest. It’s going to be toughest, fastest car yet. Sure, it’ll take some time but I reckon it’ll reach the finest destination in all of the land and what’s more, it’ll have the best story to tell when it gets there.

And I guess, that’s just it really.

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