Time-Out in Tulbagh

posted by Dan Carter November 28, 2017 0 comments

“What are you running away from?”

“What makes you think I’m running from something?”

“If not from something then from yourself…”

Deep beneath the Winterhoek valley I found a place to stay

 and I was so sure of what I was looking for

it wasn’t merely to take a day away.

I had visions of an old farmhouse surrounded by vineyards

through which I hiked down to dams, accompanied by the owners dog.

Just some air, that was all.

A little time away from the beautifully frantic hustle of Loop and Long.

That’s when I found Tulbagh

as if plucked from the forefront of my mind

perfectly and wonderfully full-filling the tranquility I was searching for.

Tulbagh Mountain Manor, Tulbagh, Western Cape

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